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Heather Cullen

In The Money

Simple option strategies to beat the market

Professional money managers try to beat the market, but few do. In The Money (ITM) option strategies beat the market every time.

Heather Cullen

How To Beat The Stock Market

When you invest in the stock market you can do what everyone else is doing and watch your money increase slowly in a bull market and decrease a lot faster in a bear market. or you can do something different.

In this year’s bear market, most investors have watched helplessly as their balances drop to a lot less than they were just a year ago. And that hurts!

But you don’t have to sit back and watch your money disappear. You can do something about it. Learn to invest in a different way, a way that has been proven to beat the market spectacularly over the last 30 years.

Find out how you can do it too with the In The Money books. Learn how to do the ITM Bull and Bear Strategies that keep you safe in the market and on the winning side.

The ITM Bull and Bear Market Strategies

ITM Bull and Bear Strategies

Backtested for 30 years

Beat the market spectacularly

Is ITM difficult to do?

It’s not hard at all. It is so easy even beginners can do it.

Does it take a lot of time?

No, usually about 10 minutes a week.

Does it work in a bear market?

Yes. There‘s a strategy for a bull market, another for a bear market. Both beat the market by a lot.

How will I know if I am doing it right?

There are easy entry and exit signals, and a regular blog that shows how we are going and alerts you if something needs to be done. Otherwise, just sit back and let the ITM strategies do their job.

How much does ITM beat the market by?

Play Video about Heather Cullen In The Money Bull Chart
ITM Bull Market Strategy
S&P 500 (S&P dividends reinvested)

See how ITM works in a
Real-Life Situation

We start with $10,000 in our account

Then for 30 years we follow the ITM rules about what to buy and sell.

How did we go?

Check out the videos.


Play Video about Heather Cullen In The Money Bull Bear SPY chart
ITM Bull & Bear Market Strategies
S&P 500 (S&P dividends reinvested)

ITM has been backtested for 30 years

Fully Documented

Backtested by real people

In The Money backtesting follows the ITM rules and documents every single trade over the last 30 years. They are all listed, along with the ITM rules that were followed, when we got in and out, how much money we made or lost (not all trades can be winning ones).

You can see how the ITM account balance grew through the years to become very impressive indeed!

Everything is there: the good trades, the bad trades and the boring trades. No smoke and mirrors, nothing is hidden. You can check for yourself (many readers have!) With ITM you win, whether the market is going up or going  down.

About Heather Cullen

Author : In The Money Book Series

Heather Cullen has been trading the stock market for 25 years and knows what works and what doesn’t.

In the ITM book series, she shares her journey from making every mistake possible and losing money to surviving and finally becoming a successful investor. She shows how to avoid crashing out of the market (which the majority of traders do) and how not to become a ‘temporary trader’.

If she can do it, you can too! In The Money shows you how to beat the market and create your financially-free future in just 10 minutes a week.

Why In The Money is Different

How ITM started

I’ve read hundreds of books about the stock market over the years, and I can honestly say that none were useful in creating wealth.

I have tried so many strategies, fell for crackpot theories, followed market gurus. I made money then lost it again. Luckily, I never got wiped out but I never made enough to quit my day job.

Finally a light-bulb moment: I realized that all the strategies, theories, and gurus had one thing in common: they lost my money!  The financially-free future I desperately wanted was not going to happen unless I did something different.

So, I did something different.

That’s what the books are about. The ITM strategies.

Heather Cullen

In The Money Book series

Mistakes? I've made a lot!

It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve probably made more mistakes than any trader I know. But on the other hand, I’ve lasted longer in the market than almost every trader I know. 

Why? Because one thing I do really well is learn from my mistakes. I call my losses ‘tuition fees’, and over the years I’ve paid a LOT of tuition fees.

They’re all in the ITM books. You’ll probably have a laugh at some of the dumb things I have done. I can laugh – now. I couldn’t laugh at the time because losing money is painful and I had a fair bit of pain.

The good news is that I’ve made the mistakes and done the pain so you don’t have to! With the ITM strategy your success is guaranteed. You WILL beat the market.

In The Money Book Series

In The Money
Bull Market Strategy

The first book covers the basics of options, how they work and the ITM rules. Then we start with $10,000 and apply the ITM rules, using real data from the last 30 years.

In The Money is light and amusing. You’ll chuckle at the mistakes I made but gain from the lessons I learned.

In The Money
Bear Market Strategy

The second book looks at the bear markets of the last 30 years, and shows how they were traded with ITM. All the trades and rules are detailed so that you can follow the journey.

When put together with the ITM Bull strategy the results are guaranteed to amaze you!

In The Money
Overseas Edition

Using Australia as an example, this book shows how you can set up accounts and start using the ITM strategy on the U.S. market when you don’t live in the U.S.

All the content from the first book In The Money: Bull Market Strategy is included in the Overseas Edition so you don’t need to buy both books.

Option Strategies

Compare Option Strategies is a combined textbook and workbook. The textbook covers basic option strategies, trading signals and candlestick patterns. The workbook guides you through choosing your options and comparing the results of different strategies to refine your decision making and find out what works for you.

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