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Heather Cullen Blog ITM In The Money NVIDIA Big Waves

Big Waves & NVIDIA

Big Waves & NVIDIA. Well, last week it was all about NVDIA. What a ride! I know NVDA is a single stock and I caution about getting involved with individual stocks, but NVIDIA was important

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Heather Cullen ITM Blog bew highs and euphoria

New Highs & Euphoria

New Highs and Euphoria. The market has been making new highs – but are we in euphoria? Bloomberg thinks so: The Bank of America thinks so: Although they could be accused of hedging their bets.

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Heather Cullen ITM Blog sunk costs euphoria

Sunk Costs

Sunk Costs. That traders tend to cut their winners and let their losers run has been demonstrated by many studies. When they are on a winning trade, they become fearful that it will go bad,

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Heather Cullen Blog Bubbles Long Tails Freedom

Bubbles, Long Tails & Freedom

Bubbles, Long Tails and Freedom. I have been reading the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, a best seller about wealth, greed and happiness. It didn’t start well; there were the usual stories, one about

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Heather Cullen ITM Blog Temporary trader the wheel strategy

A Temporary Trader

Temporary Traders & The Wheel When I was young, I was told that if I couldn’t say anything nice about someone then don’t say anything at all. Good advice in social situations – but with

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Heather Cullen Blog Reinventing the options wheel

Reinventing the Wheel

The Options Wheel ‘The Wheel’ is probably the highest profile of all options strategies right now. It is a cyclical process where you: Sell put options on a stock / index that you would like

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Heather Cullen Blog stock market or casino

Stock Market or Casino?

Stock Market? Or Casino? People who don’t trade the stock market – and lots who do – tend to view the stock market as a giant casino where you bet on your favorites and hope

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Heather Cullen Blog the end is nigh

The Big Bust?

The Big Bust? A new year – and all the catastrophists come out of the woodwork. Headlines like this abound, but should we take them seriously? Always check who is saying it. (no don’t bother

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Heather Cullen Blog Xmas tree bulls

2023 Review

The End of 2023! Nowhere near as dismal as 2022, which was a truly horrible. year Let’s have a look and see how ITM Bull strategy performed for the year. Why Oliver Cromwell? When he

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Heather Cullen Blog 2024 Predictions

2024 Predictions

Predictions for 2024 As the year draws to a close, the financial websites are full of predictions for the next year. Every man and his dog is being interviewed and asked where the market is

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