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Sunk Costs

Sunk Costs. That traders tend to cut their winners and let their losers run has been demonstrated by many studies. When they are on a winning trade, they become fearful that it will go bad, and they will lose the profits they have made. Conversely, when they are in a losing trade, they tend to …

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The Big Bust?

The Big Bust? A new year – and all the catastrophists come out of the woodwork. Headlines like this abound, but should we take them seriously? Always check who is saying it. (no don’t bother clicking on the arrow – its just a snapshot, and besides it isn’t worth listening to anyway!) In this case …

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2023 Review

The End of 2023! Nowhere near as dismal as 2022, which was a truly horrible. year Let’s have a look and see how ITM Bull strategy performed for the year. Why Oliver Cromwell? When he was having his portrait done, and he wanted to be painted ‘warts and all’. So let’s look at ITM, ‘warts …

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