No More Bull Markets!

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No More Bull Markets!

I’ve just been told off by Microsoft Word. Smacked on the wrist.  My crime? I used an offensive and non-inclusive term. I am feeling very ashamed and remorseful.

The offending words? Bull market. They recommend that instead I say: ‘favorable market’, otherwise I will offend and upset people.

What do you think? Let me know if you are offended by a ‘bull market’, email me at

I hope Google doesn’t get in on the act because that’s the website gone . . . the blog too . . . and what about Amazon? I’ll be on the list of banned books!

In The Money- New! Updated for 2022

In The Money: Bull Market Strategy has been updated to 2022. So much has happened over the last two years! Why did I need to update it?

Firstly, I have had hundreds of questions from readers, so I knew what I had to clarify and where I needed to put in extra explanations. Secondly, because the market has moved so much it was hard to do ITM with an account of less than $14,000 so I created a new strategy where you can start with approx. $3,000. Lastly, the backtesting was extended to 30 years to match the Bear Strategy Book.


To encourage you to get the updated version I am giving the eBook away for $1.99 and for 24 hours starting 8 AM May 5 PDT. The next day it will be $4.95 then back to the normal price of $9.95. 


Is It A Bear Market Yet?

Well, the ITM OUT signal got it right. I’m glad we are not in the market right now! But keeping it in perspective, while we are well into correction territory, we are not yet in a bear market. The chart below shows how much further we have to drop to get there. But that was a very nasty big red candle; a few more like that, and we will be there!

No such luck for the Nasdaq, however. It’s already there!

Twiddling our Thumbs


This is the hardest part of trading; sitting on the sidelines and getting bored. If you have a low threshold of boredom (like me) then it is a dangerous time because you get tempted to do something – anything! – to break the monotony.

If you are tempted to do a bearish trade on SPY or QQQ then remember it’s a flutter, not part of the ITM Bear Strategy yet. Make sure that you only do it with play money you are prepared to lose!

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