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Reader Reviews

Are the reviews real?

Yes! You would be forgiven for thinking that with such positive reviews they were made up, but no, every single one of them is real, and there are many more! Most of them are in emails sent to me by readers, and a few I have taken from Amazon. Here’s the link: In The Money.

(Strangely, the most liked review on Amazon one complaining that ITM Bull Strategy doesn’t contain a bear strategy. Go figure!  I guess, you can’t please everyone.)

However, I am humbled and absolutely delighted that so many people have liked the books, so much so that I dedicated my Bear book to all my wonderful readers who inspired me to write it. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me, I deeply appreciate it.

Great strategy! Clear, easy to follow, and enjoyable. Thank you!


Wish I had this book 20 years ago! Excellent book!


In the money is one of the best books out there. Loved it!


Bought your book last night and read it straight through to 3AM!!


Really enjoyed your book Finished reading it for the 3rd or 4th time last week.


The ITM strategy even handled the COVID mega dip!


In The Money is one of the best money books out there!


Chock full of wisdom that can only be gained through years of experience.


Thanks again for a great read, such a fun, easy to follow book.


Best ever, easy to read book about investing! Loved it!


Great strategy and insights to beat the average investor!


Congratulations on your really excellent book, I enjoyed it immensely.


A book writte by experience from the school of hard knocks.


Great investing system to double your returns. Thank you!


Easy to read and understand, a confidence-boosting book.


Maybe the best bits are the self-effacing examples that Heather uses to illustrate the pitfalls.


An easy and fun book, a pleasure to read, why has it taken so long for such a book to appear?


Precise easy to follow instructions for the ITM system. Great book!


Deep ITM Strategy – definitely worth a read. Less is More!


Thank you, Heather, just read your book seems like a great system, now I have to give it a try.


Straightforward strategy that is worth reading about. Opens up new options for high-return investing


A true gem for building wealth long term! 


Very simple strategy – the key is in the adjustments.


Great introduction to using options for long term investing. Clear, easy to follow, enjoyable.


I am very grateful for successful traders sharing their hard-won knowledge and experience.


‘Thanks again for a great read, such a fun and easy-to-follow book.


Great book, get rich slow. Very Helpful. Highly recommended.



Easy read that shows you a back-tested way to profit with Options. Great strategy!


I highly recommend that all serious investors read both ITM Bull and ITM Bear. The information presented is clear, concise and informative


Very pleased with this book I got some vital information. I’ve read a ton of books and most of the books i’ve read was just general information. Thanks Heather!


She really opened my mind of all confused garbage that I have been absorbing through various media.


It explains the different working of OTM, DITM ootions in a very clear way. The best I have ever read.


Heather’s writing is straight-forward, chock full of information, and based on a balance of personal experience, a practical understanding of risk versus reward, and the wisdom of market wizards.


Wow! IMO, the Author’s book is fantastic! I picked it up and couldn’t put it down until I finished the whole thing. I read the entire book in one night! 

Dr. Bill

Very easy read. Well written, good examples and back tested. Heather has another book on how to navigate a bear market with a similar strategy and it’s equally well written and back tested. I recommend both books.


After reading the book, I immediately back tested the strategy all the way back to 2004, and it is a winner even if you held your positions through the bear markets of the financial crisis and the March 2020 pandemic bear market and all the ones in between.

Dave from Tyrone

Did the world really need another stock market book?

The good, the bad and the awful

There’s no shortage of stock market books, there are literally thousands of them. Did the world really need another one? Heather thought the answer was ‘yes’.

Over the years she had read hundreds of these books, ranging from good to absolutely awful. Yet none had actually given her a detailed plan that worked and enable her to make money. Not one single book. Why not?

Plus, she noticed it was the same old advice and strategies, just dressed up with a different name to make them sound new and exciting. And they were all written by brilliant traders!

The credibility gap

It was hard to believe that the writers had such perfect trading records. Lots of profits and no losses, just brilliant results. But we all know that’s not possible.

Things were being left out. People were unfairly being made to feel like failures when their trading didn’t match the stellar results claimed in the books.

So, when writing In The Money, Heather did not ignore her many mistakes. By showing what she did wrong as well as what she did right, the reader is spared from making the same painful mistakes, while probably having a chuckle about some of the things she did wrong.

Thank you – your message has been sent. Please note that  as of July 2022 Heather will answer all questions in the ITM Blog, not individually. You will be notified when there is a new blog post. Happy trading!