ITM Stock Charts

This interactive chart has everything you need to do the ITM strategies.

Symbol: Click on SPY (top LHS) and choose new symbol.

Time frame: From Drop down menu choose 1 D (1 Day).

Time range: Bottom LHS (or use mouse wheel)

Key stats: Hamburger menu top RHS

To add ITM Indicators (Bull Strategy)

Click on Indicators, choose Moving Average Ribbon

Adjust settings to SMA and lengths 10 & 200)

Change Style (color, thickness etc)  as desired

To add ITMB Indicators (Bear Strategy)

Click on Indicators, choose MACD

Check that the default settings (12, 26, 9) are ticked.

Adjust Moving Average Ribbon to include 20 SMA

ITM Ticker Tapes

The ticker tapes have been selected to show the indices, ETFs and stocks of interest to traders using ITM or ITMS.

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