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I had been mulling creating a ‘one stop shop’ for the ITM strategies, turning this website into the place with everything you need to do them. I decided it was a good idea, so I thought: just do it, head down, ignore everything else. So, I did it. Here it is.

New ITM Features

There is a lot of new functionality. There is charting and tools, plus all the market information and data you need, but selected as being relevant to ITM, rather than just dumping a sea of data and expecting you to sort it out for yourself.

Stock Charts

Firstly, charts. There is a fully interactive charting package, with instructions on how to put the indicators you need for ITM, ITMS and ITMB on it. Here’s the link: Stock Charts

Ticker Tapes

There are 3 ticker tapes on several pages, curated for ITM. We have a ticker tape with the indices we need to keep an eye on (S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow, Russell 2000, dollar, VIX). Another has the ETFs we trade plus Gold (I just noticed I left off Crude Oil. Darn! OK, I will fix that soon.) 

Heather Cullen In The Money ITM BLOG Stock Charts

The third has the top 12 stocks – the magnificent seven we looked at last week, plus the top 3 non-tech stocks (Berkshire Hathaway, Lilley, Broadcom), and the gold ETF. (That doesn’t add up to 12? That’s because there are 2 alphabet stocks, Goog and Googl.) 

Market News

There are five different feeds: an overview of the top market stories, top stories about the market indices we follow, and separate sections where any news about SPY, SPYG and QQQ will be displayed. Currently this bit is empty and showing no data here yet. This is because there has been no news since it was generated, but when there is it will be populated. Here’s the link: Market News

Market Data

I’ve selected the feeds that are of most interest to us: Major indices from the US, Europe and Australia. There are also the US Futures, and the major forex pairs. (It is always interesting to keep an eye on the USD)

Heather Cullen In The Money ITM BLOG Stock Charts

Bond rates in decreasing order (I always think: why don’t they do that instead of mixing them up depending on volume?) and the major forex pairs. Here’s the link: Market Data

Market Calendars

Interactive calendars for economic and earnings announcements. You can choose the time period you are interested in. here’s the link: Market Calendars


I love heatmaps; they are not strictly relevant to ITM, but as a way of visualizing the market I think they are great. This one is based on stocks in the S&P 500 , and is interactive so you can choose performance for different time periods, premarket changes, volume, volatility and gaps.

Heather Cullen In The Money ITM BLOG Stock Charts

Yes, they are free - but asking a favor

Don’t worry, there is no subscription fee; nothing is changing. It is a gift, if you like, from me to my readers. But I am going to ask for something in return: reviews. Let me explain.

Amazon not only takes the major part of the book sales, it also requires me to pay them for ‘advertising’ my books on their website. If I don’t, they somehow ‘disappear’.

If there are a lot of positive reviews the advertising rates go down, which would please me greatly as currently I get less than 5% of the books sold which makes being an author a bit of an indulgence rather than a profitable venture.

If you liked the books, could you please give any you have read a favorable review? It can be as short or as long as you like, they are all appreciated. Here are the links.

In The Money: Bull Market Strategy

In The Money: Bear Market Strategy

Compare Option Strategies

Timing the Market

Options Trading for Beginers

Reading Stock Charts


To The Markets

Well, last week was definitely more pleasant than the one before. All indices seem to be recovering, and possibly what we were seeing was a perfectly normal bear trap. Let’s check the charts:

Heather Cullen Blog Bear trap

SPY Chart

Well, SPY has definitely been testing support at 500, and so far it seems to be holding, which is good. The 200 SMA is still trending up and is now around 470, the 10 SMA also appears to have bottomed and is also trending up. Hopefully this was just a little bear trap and it will continue to go up.

Heather Cullen In The Money ITM BLOG Stock Charts

The weekly chart shows SPY ticking up again, getting back to the uptrend. I am a bit uneasy that it didn’t go down to retest 477, the previous market peak, but let’s hope that it doesn’t.

SPYG Chart

SPYG seems to have established support at around 68 – 69. The SMA is ticking up again, so let’s hope the last 3 weeks were just a bear trap.

On the weekly chart we can see that SPYG is heading back to resistance at the December 2021 high. Will it break through this time? Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

QQQ Chart

QQQ is showing the same rebound off support, after a ‘tweezer bottom’ candle pattern, showing that it rejected that level on 2 consecutive days.

On the weekly chart we can see that it is trending up again – but like SPYG it didn’t retest the previous high of December 2021. Things don’t always get retested, but it is a niggling feeling that I have, However, feelings don’t matter, the charts tell us what is happening we just have to listen.

Heather Cullen In The Money ITM BLOG Stock Charts

VIX Chart

The VIX seems to have gotten over its recent tantrum, and is back where we started. Whew!


Heather Cullen Blog ITMeter

The week ahead . . .

There is some PPI data coming out Tuesday (Producer Price Index) which may cause a bit of a wobble. Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett’s company) reports on Monday. NVDA doesn’t report until the 22 May, so things shouldn’t be too volatile until then. Famous last words! I really shouldn’t predict.


On Friday the weak payroll data caused the big rise as people think that rate cuts may be back on the menu. That is not really reflected in the futures, which seem quite neutral, but it is still 12 hours to market open.

Well, lets hope the bear has had his fun and is safely in his trap. Fingers crossed for a good week.


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  1. I am watching for an entry point using SPYG. I think I understand about what to look for to enter. I have been doing some research on the options available, and it seems that December, 2024 would be the best. My concern is setting something up that close to the election. Whatever the outcome…, wouldn’t you expect a lot of volatility…. Exiting 30 days early would be only a few weeks after the election. Thanks. Enjoying your work.

    1. Hi Glenda
      December 2024 would be a good choice 0 7 months to expiry is plenty of time. You don’t have to worry about the expiry date being close to the election, as you can sell at anytime before the expiry date. But you have given me an idea for a blog post – to look at the behaviour of the market at election times.
      Might be interesting – thank you!

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