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Heather Cullen

Heather Cullen

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In The Money gives different strategies: the Lazy ITM and the Turbo ITM. How much your portfolio is worth now depends on your decisions about which way to go – plus when you started, of course.

The Lazy ITM, the set-and-forget strategy, is now worth $20,500. Up 105%. Nice.

But in the April 6 ITM Update I gave a heads up for those who were following the Turbo strategy to roll up to Sep 21 strike 320. How have they done?

Very well indeed. They are now worth $22,200. A 122% increase!

Even nicer.

I know that a lot of readers will have only started doing the ITM strategy quite recently so their results will be not be at this level yet, but as SPY is at currently new highs they will have made money and beat the market no matter when they started.

Happy Trading everyone!

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