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In The Money: Bear Trading Strategy

The new book in the In The Money series has been published! It dovetails with the ITM Bull Market Strategy (the original book) and shows how you can use the bear market to  increase your accounts rather dramatically.

Learning to love the bear

Usually people fear a bear market – and for good reason. However, once you know how to take advantage of it then your perspective will change rather a lot. 

When combined with the ITM (bull) strategy the results are quite incredible – and all documented so you can check all the figures and see for yourself.

Backtested for 30 years

The original ITM strategy was backtested until before the GFC. This new book required both the bull and the bear strategies to be tested independently and then together. The backtesting goes right back to the start of SPY in January 1993 and the results are amazing.

All trades and the ITM rules that were being followed are listed in the appendices – not that that makes for riveting reading, but if you want to check the figures then feel free to knock yourself out!

Half Price This Weekend

I was planning on using the Amazon promotions – but then the fine print said that I couldn’t until the book had a 90-day price history. (I wish they had mentioned that before I enrolled it into KDP!).

However, a promise is a promise, and I said that ITM readers could get a half price copy. The only way I can do that, evidently, is to reduce the price for everyone – so that is what I have done. The eBook will be normally be priced at $9.95 but this weekend it will be available for $4.95.

Its been a big week

Publishing on Amazon is not a walk in the park. Nothing is easy, unless you are publishing a print only book, with no diagrams or charts, and your cover is plain colored with only print on it. Otherwise it is a bit of a nightmare.

However, it is all done. It is published. Finally. Hooray! 

I am proud of the book and the bear strategy, and hope that for you it takes away the fear of the bear and helps you on your path to financial freedom.

Right now, it has been a long week, I am whacked and I can hear a nice glass of bubbles calling to me. Time to celebrate!

Happy Trading!

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