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And I didn't. See it, I mean.

When developing the strategy for the bear book, I saw that using the MACD as an additional indicator for the ITM bull strategy gave better results in a sideways market. It avoided being whipped in and out of trades, so I backtested on this basis. Later, I decided that I shouldn’t use the MACD as it was not mentioned in the first book, and to reinstate the trades it excluded. However, in copying between spreadsheets I didn’t see that I hadn’t reinstated some trades between 2004-06 and 2011-14.

Entirely my mistake, no excuses. It affects the overall results but not hugely, they are still spectacularly better than market returns. Bear trades are not impacted, just bull trades. The book has been republished with the figures updated in Chapter 10 and the extra trades in the Appendices. The rest of the book is not affected in any way.

To make it up to people who have already bought the first version of the book, I have dropped the price of the eBook to zero so that you can get a new copy free of charge on December 9 and 10 PST.

You can’t believe how annoyed I am with myself and I am beating myself up as I write this. Apologies.

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