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Heather Cullen

Heather Cullen Author In The Money

Author of In The Money Series

Heather wrote her series of books,  ‘In The Money’, based on her 25 years of experience in the stock market. During these years, she has made hundreds of mistakes (all documented in the books!) but managed to survive and  to finally become a successful investor.

Throughout those years, while doing her day job as an IT Director, she was learning and trading every night and weekend.

She read every book she could find on trading strategy and psychology, paid for numerous courses, subscribed to hundreds of newsletters and websites, tried every crackpot market theory, and fell for the story of every market guru who claimed to be making millions.

Trade the tide

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The Unattainable Dream

No matter what she did the financial freedom she so desperately wanted proved elusive. Giving up her day job seemed like an unattainable dream. After a winning streak she would be hopeful that this time it was going to happen, only to have her hopes dashed when the market went against her and she gave up her hard-won profits.

Winning and Losing

Over the years she made money, then lost it again. So many times! Never losing enough to wipe her out as a trader, but never making enough to give up her day job and live her dream of never having to work again.

Although she put in the hard yards, with many long hours of research, monitoring and back-testing she was never consistently successful. Those ten thousand hours of experience that you need before you can be an expert? She definitely put them in, probably several times over!

Slowly and painfully, she realized a hard truth:  hard work alone did not lead to success.

Euphoria – then Despair

Going from euphoria to despair, often in the same month and sometimes in the same week, was exhausting. Finally, after one too many sleepless nights pacing the floor sick with worry, she decided enough was enough. Yet again, her stock positions were plummeting, and her dreams of financial freedom were again disappearing.

She knew that she couldn’t go on like that. Something had to change. She had to find a better way.

And she did. The ITM Strategies.

In The Money Strategy (ITM)

She realized that the ever-more-complicated strategies she was pursuing were not bringing in better results. In fact, her results were getting worse. As her trading frequency increased so did her losses, and gains proved ever more elusive.

When she stepped back and looked at things from a different perspective, she realized that the solution had been staring her in the face all the time. It was simple and elegant – and it meant no more sleepless nights and endless hours of research. She shares with you the ITM (In The Money) strategies that she uses to beat the market.

You don't have to make the same mistakes

In her books, Heather shares with you shares her rocky journey to financial freedom. Her many mistakes and losses are not glossed over at all. Instead, she goes over them in detail and looks for the lesson in the loss.  She considers her losses to be ‘tuition fees’ for the valuable lessons she had to learn.  She shares them so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Heather has paid a LOT of tuition fees over the years. You will probably have a laugh at some of the silly things she has done. She laughs about them now but at the time she wasn’t laughing at the time because they hurt – a lot! By sharing them with you she saves you from having to make the same painful losses, which are never pleasant.

ITM: the road map to financial freedom

It doesn’t matter whether you know absolutely nothing about the stock market or whether you have been trading for years, In The Money is an engaging, amusing and easy to read series that puts you on your way to wealth and financial freedom.

I haven’t worked for anyone else for almost 20 years now, and have never regretted giving up corporate life. Even during worrying times when I couldn’t seem to make it work, as long as I could support myself I never considered swapping my freedom for a job. If freedom is your aim, then you can do it too!

Thank you – your message has been sent. Please note that  as of July 2022 Heather will answer all questions in the ITM Blog, not individually. You will be notified when there is a new blog post. Happy trading!